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“This product takes the functionality of MSO and builds onto it. MSOW has proven to be intuitive and logical.” Jan Broady, applications specialist, Synernet

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MSO for the Web

MSOW Overview
MSO for the Web (MSOW) is a comprehensive, Web-based credentialing and privileging system. MSOW combines the speed and flexibility of the Internet with Morrisey's advanced technology to automate physician and allied health professional credentialing. This revolutionary product is a substantial improvement over existing credentialing systems.

MSOW reduces errors in credentialing and verifications and reliance on IT staff for day-to-day support. Because the product is Web-based, it is accessible to users any time and anywhere and offers the ultimate in flexibility to access critical credentialing information. The software can be configured for single or multiple facilities and can be customized to meet any organization's needs.

Credentialing is the backbone of the MSOW application suite. It is configurable for single or multiple facilities, giving you the option of centralizing your credentialing and verification processes or allowing each facility to configure its own processes and criteria.

MSOW credentialing supports your day-to-day work flow with work lists that let you track all outstanding and scheduled activities without keeping a separate calendar of follow-up items. The Manager Control Panel allows you to quickly identify and intervene when high-priority items require your immediate attention. Morrisey's revolutionary MSOWebCrawler technology is embedded in MSOW, eliminating tedious manual tasks such as routine updates of credentialing files. With MSOW, all your credentialing files are integrated online in a single database repository.

Morrisey developed MSOW using technology from its market-leading business partners Microsoft and Business Objects while tapping industry expertise through a customer Advisory Board.

Administrative Review Module
MSOW's Administrative Review Module eliminates the need for paper credentialing files. Practitioners' credentialing packets and the documents associated with them are stored electronically in the Web-based module, including the comprehensive reports needed to assess practitioner performance. Use the Administrative Review Module to:

  • Manage the credentialing approval process in MSOW's secure environment
  • Notify reviewers that that practitioners' digital packets are ready for review
  • Enable reviewers to submit comments and recommendations and approve credentials via electronic signatures
  • Meet Focused and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation requirements
  • Automate practitioner performance reporting
  • Achieve dramatic productivity gains in the elimination of manual tasks
  • Eliminate costs of routing credentialing paperwork via mail or courier

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Practitioner Online Applications
Morrisey’s Practitioner Online Applications module enables you to automate your electronic practitioner applications and privilege request forms so that practitioners can complete appointment and reappointment applications via the Internet.

There is no limit to the number of forms that can be defined and loaded into the system. You can easily integrate information from MSOW's comprehensive relational database so that the electronic forms are populated with as much detailed information as possible, thus eliminating unnecessary manual re-entry of data onto the forms. Also, when forms are defined, you are able to stipulate "required" fields that must be completed before the form can be submitted.

MSOW offers you the ability to qualify a specific practitioner or to define selection criteria to identify a group of practitioners. You specify the form or forms that you need generated and the system generates all the required paperwork electronically in a standard, easy-to-maintain .PDF file format.

When a completed application is submitted back to you, the module enables you to review the application before updating the database, thus helping to avoid frustrating re-work if information is incorrect.

The Practitioner Online Applications module is an incredible timesaver and helps you to achieve a truly "paperless" credentialing environment.

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e/Delineate Privileging
MSOW facilitates a paperless environment through its e/Delineate functionality. e/Delineate is a Web-based, criteria-based privileging system. e/Delineate automates the entire privileging process, including practitioners' requests for privileges at initial appointment and reappointment, the release of delineated privileges from the medical staff office and the distribution of this data throughout your organization. e/Delineate enables you to:

  • Move to a paperless environment by converting your existing paper delineation forms to electronic forms that look the same
  • Define and manage your own privileging criteria to ensure consistency throughout the organization
  • Track proctoring and temporary privileges
  • Verify a practitioner's privileges, including operating room inquiries to check privileges related to specific surgical procedures
  • Search by privilege to find a list of qualified practitioners
  • Search for a practitioner's proctoring requirements to ensure compliance
  • Track expirations of temporary privileges
  • Easily access a practitioner's office when contact is required

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Auto Apps
Auto Apps automates the application process for providers by integrating information stored in the MSOW database into the application forms required by managed care companies and others. Use MSOW's Auto Apps module to:

  • Reconfigure your paper forms into Adobe PDF documents and populate with provider information from your MSOW database
  • Generate applications for a list of providers with the most current provider information in a convenient PDF file format
  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork in the medical staff office and enhance your service to your practitioners by providing this convenience

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Peer Case Review
Use MSOW's Peer Case Review module to store and review detailed information on peer case reviews, including results and any actions taken. This information is critical during reappointment. Using Peer Case Review, you are able to:

  • Generate numerous standard and custom reports
  • Promote collaboration between quality departments and the medical staff office
  • Ensure that a practitioner's key quality variances are thoroughly documented and reportable at reappointment

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House Staff
MSOW's House Staff module enables you to efficiently maintain data such as position summaries, rotations, forwarding addresses, demographics, facility specifics, foreign visas, health insurance and automated verification letters. Use the House Staff module to:

  • Track each resident's participation in your graduate medical education (GME) program by post graduate year (PGY) using the Position Summary function
  • Manage in-house rotations and off-site rotations for your residents as well as rotators from outside GME programs
  • Manage resident competencies
  • Produce Response Letters for Primary Source Verification requests with an option to provide requesting organizations with Web page access to perform their own verifications
  • Track each resident's education, licensure and board information, which integrates with MSOW's credentialing features
  • Avoid duplicate entry of information when House staff members move to active medical staff, because their information is already part of MSOW's integrated relational database

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Performance Parameters
MSOW's Performance Parameters module enables you to accurately collect medical staff performance indicators, such as:

  • Number of patient admissions
  • Volume of specific procedures
  • Resource utilization rates
  • Any other data relevant to determining a practitioner's quality of health-care delivery

This information can be loaded into the module through automatic feeds or manually. In addition, you can establish "boundaries" of acceptable performance for each parameter tracked. This capability enables you to be alerted when specified parameters have not been or will not be met so that you can proactively alert medical staff if they are not meeting your minimum standards.

The Performance Parameters module is ideal for use during reappointment or as an on-going tool to foster continuous performance improvement at your organization.

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CVO Billing
The CVO Billing module enables centralized verification organizations to create billing procedures for single or multiple facilities that are triggered by credentialing events in MSOW. Use the CVO Billing module to:

  • Establish fee structures and manage a variety of billing mechanisms quickly and easily including general fees or fees tied to checklist items
  • Export billing data in ASCII or Intuit's QuickBooks formats for invoicing and accounts tracking

Keep track of who you're billing, what to bill them for and when to bill them.

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HL7 Export
MSOW's HL7 Export function enables you to distribute physician data stored in MSOW to other hospital systems. HL7 Export enables you to:

  • Communicate accurate physician-related information to other hospital information systems
  • Keep other systems current as updates are recorded in the MSOW physician database
  • Customize your outbound HL7 messages based on your specific requirements

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Managed Care
The MSOW Managed Care module automates managed care contract management. Specifically, the module tracks each provider's plan participation, plan identification number, participation start and expiration dates, PCP status and new patient acceptance information. The module also maintains historical plan participation, scope of practice and contract terms data.

Users are able to assign and track providers, individually and in groups, by office and specialty, to managed care plans and contracts.

Participation additions, deletions and changes can be applied to groups of providers and ad hoc groups can be created.

The Managed Care module includes comprehensive and customized reports including several standard reports, which make analysis and sharing of managed care information simple.

The Managed Care module also includes the ability to track details regarding Office Site Reviews and Chart Reviews.

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Apogee and MCCM Integration
MSOW integrates with Morrisey's Apogee Managed Care application. Apogee offers added features and functionality to support managed care organizations, including:

  • Provider Relations special user-interface helps log and track provider inquiries, complaints or other events from the point of initial contact through final resolution
  • Office Site and Medical Record Review helps ensure your provider offices and medical record-keeping practices conform to your quality standards
  • Extended reporting capabilities help you comply with specialized payor reporting requirements
  • Facility Management provides tools for the credentialing and auditing of other facilities
  • Provider network management makes it easier to track health plan affiliations
  • Rules-based technology automates the analysis of provider qualifications
  • Provider fee schedule options are configurable for each provider affiliation

MSOW is closely integrated with the Morrisey Concurrent Care Manager (MCCM), which is Morrisey's integrated care management system. MCCM is used to automate hospital work flows related to case/utilization, quality, risk and infection control management.

MSOW and MCCM are integrated in a number of exciting ways, including:

  • Sharing of practitioner demographic data, including the practitioner reporting structure defined in MSOW
  • MCCM provides detailed practitioner activity volumes, including patient admissions, visits and procedures performed, all accessible through MSOW
  • MCCM supplies practitioner-related utilization, quality, infection and risk details for use in MSOW profiling reports
  • Both applications can be installed on the same technical configuration, eliminating the need for additional hardware and systems software fees and further reducing the need for IT support services.

Together, MCCM and MSOW provide you with the critical clinical and administrative data that you need integrated to support highly effective, efficient operations and reporting throughout your organization.

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